Weave one of the best gustatory tales of your life at our resident restaurant, ‘Axinos’, which
means ‘Sea Urchin’, one of the fruits of the sea. Dishes combining the purest local products and
classic culinary values of the Aegean create flavours which will tantalise your palate. The menu is
Greek cuisine with a contemporary twist and imaginative touches, redefining typical Cycladic
favourites that await to be rediscovered by lovers of imaginative cuisine. This delectable dining
experience can only be enhanced by the stunning view of the caldera and the serene Santorinean sea.


For us hospitality is homemade and so it is the breakfast that we serve you every morning. We
always begin with ‘kalimera’ (good morning) and begin the day by presenting guests with
tempting local delicacies and hearty favourites. A charming amalgam of old and modern merge
and blend together to create some of your fondest memories as you relish a heavenly breakfast
with a view of endless blue.


The mantra of our hotel is ‘home-making’ and ‘memory-making’ and our priority is to help you
create warm memories. There is no better way to achieve this than initiate you into the comfort
of your “home away from home” with refreshing cocktails, beverages and our comfort food
menu. Soak up special moments of sunshine while sipping your drink at our bar and immerse
yourself in the art of luxurious living.


Sample divine local wines made from ancient vines accompanied by delicious nibbles during the magical hour of the sizzling sunset. Guests who enjoy the experience of this pairing ritual also receive a special price at our restaurant.

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Here on Santorini there is a wealth of traditional recipes and unique flavours just waiting to be discovered and our experienced chefs will show you the secrets of authentic island dishes. Please contact the reception for reservations.


Turn your room or suite into your own private restaurant and let us spoil you with our exquisite suggestions. Enjoy the privacy of your special occasion in absolute comfort. Please contact our friendly staff for further details.