He cast a spell on them so that they fell so deeply in love that the lovesick couple betrothed themselves to each other for eternity and wed immediately, thus becoming ‘man’ and ‘wife’. They grew older and happier, had a baby, watched it grow into a child and named it Kallisti,’ which means the most beautiful of all, and continued on the beautiful journey of life making cherished memories together. It is no wonder that Santorini has become the most popular location for extra special weddings for it is surely the ideal island for lovers.

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Take time to relax and absorb the romantic ambience around you, safe in the knowledge that we have everything under control, organized and ready.
Our Wedding team will do their utmost to make your special day unforgettable.

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There are six steps to happiness and this is our guide to wedding nirvana


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You heart has dreamt of this moment for so long and now it is time to share your idea of heaven with us so we help you to materialize it


A satin dream embroidered with the light sea-breeze, the scent of the sea and candlelit wishes, everlasting memories, cherished moments, ta fairytale come true, a lush garden of love, a moonlit serenade before a full moon, a sweet melody, a day wrapped love, a story that will live forever with you, with us.

A venue of simple style and understated luxury awaits you, the smallest of details enriching every step of your stay. All that your heart desires can be found at Rocabella Santorini Resort & Spa in our superb suites as you indulge yourself in the excitement leading up to the exchange of vows.

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Couples who have exchanged vows at Rocabella Resorts want to share their happiness with the whole world and we are glad that they do! Each couple has their own unique story to tell but what connects them all is their love for each other and a perfect wedding, Rocabella style.



Unforgettable, that’s how you stay…
The Mediterranean climate and the imposing volcano create a quiet and romantic scenery for just married couples or couples in-love! The picturesque white buildings on the cliff establish Rocabella Santorini as the top honeymoon destination! This magic venue is a dreamy escape full of luxury suites and rooms.


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Eat ,Drink and Be Married ( for this is our plan !) Get inspired of a unique culinary experience...

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