Honeymoon Package

Unforgettable, that’s how you stay…
The Mediterranean climate and the imposing volcano create a quiet and romantic scenery for just married couples or couples in-love! The picturesque white buildings on the cliff establish Rocabella Santorini as the top honeymoon destination! This magic venue is a dreamy escape full of luxury suites and rooms.

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Anedosa Spa Luxury Rituals

It is our priority and commitment to provide you personalized wellness services according to your needs and preferences. Our wellness consultants can assess your health and lifestyle and recommend a personalized program for you through our signature rituals designed for overall wellbeing. Check our luxury ritual and special packages now!

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Sunset Private Yacht Cruise Package

Sunset Private Yacht Cruise Package (16:00 – 20:00)
Colored courtesy lighting sets the perfect stage for a late chill-out or an idyllic sunset trip creating a soothing ambience for you and your loved ones while spotlights produce beautiful reflections in the turquoise water.

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Day Private Yacht Cruise Package

Delight in the convertible cozy sun pads for sunbathing and pamper yourself with refreshing drinks and delicious snacks. Enjoy swimming, water sports and snorkeling boosting your energy into an unforgettable experience. The lowerable bathing platform features a secure ladder where you can bathe or dive into a rejuvenating paradise.

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Transcended and Enlightened!
Reward yourself with a spectacular yoga retreat in Santorini! Rocabella is the perfect place for a traveler to regain that strength within and enjoy some amazing yoga and Pilates. Your backdrop for your holiday will leave you captivated, enlightened, and elevated to another realm.

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