Once upon a time there was a land called Santorini

Among the sweet melody of the rustling of the vineyard leaves, the cicadas and the colour of
happiness, a story began of a Blue Odyssey, a once well kept secret surrounded by the azure
Aegean sea, loved by its inhabitants and possessing great culinary treasures. A place to dream
and experience life.
In this beautiful land named ‘Kallisti’ by the Phoenicians in the 13th century BC, the roads to the
bleached white churches are decorated with rosemary on every feast day. It is the place where
thousands of visitors come from every corner of the world to see that famous sunset, to taste the
white eggplant, the fluffy tomato balls and the culinary Muse of the island; fava.

It is the country where each traveller will taste ancient varieties of indigenous wine, Assyrtiko, Athiri, Vinsato; Greek summer sealed in a bottle.
It is the land where you will sense a melodic breeze, make wishes under the stars and inhale the sweet scent of summer, all of which will accompany a delectable dinner under the starry sky.

It is the land where will meet the most beautiful grandmother of the Cyclades, the wonderfully name Anoixia (meaning Spring) and Melentini. It is a land that you will fall in love with and be loved back in return.
Santorini is an island in which to dream forever…it is an island to love.

Activities in Santorini
In Santorini there are many activities that bring you close to the magic of the island’s
environment. Follow the paths that cross the caldera or the mainland of the island. The most
famous route starts from Fira, passes through Imerovigli and ends in Oia.
Visit the wineries of the island on an organised wine tour, or ask our staff for recommendations.

There are a number of water sports available to do on the island to make your summer hours
even more enjoyable.
Don’t miss the chance to plan a cruise to the waters of the caldera with a catamaran or a
traditional boat to enjoy the sunset and the singular landscape of the caldera.
The island is an ideal place for a short cruise. Ask for all the details and recommendations at the
front desk.

Sailing in Santorini
Visit the volcano, swim in the hot springs, and explore the depths of the White Beach. End your
day at the sea with delicious local flavours and a glass of your favourite wine on the deck of a
luxury boat while crossing the waters of the caldera. You can also organise your wedding
‘onboard’ and combine it with a stay at our hotel. Cruising the Aegean is a truly magical

Beaches in Santorini
The beaches of Santorini are unlike any other in the Aegean. The volcanic origin of the island
gave the beaches vivid colours and wonderful variations.
The most famous beach of the island is the Red beach. A majestic red rock that ‘scattered’ into
the sea offers a stunning backdrop as you swim along this authentic volcanic beach.
At Vlihada the white volcanic rocks and the black sand create a beautiful setting for swimming
and sunset viewing on the beach. The beaches which attract many tourists with offers of coffee,
food, drinks, cocktails and water sports are Perivolos and Perissa. The beach of Kamari, with its
black sand and coastline of cafes, shops, and restaurants, has received two blue flag awards.
A number of beaches are found around all parts of the island. Ask the staff of Rocabella
Santorini for details about even more secret beaches.

Imerovigli Village
Imerovigli village is one of the most beautiful villages of Santorini, lying in a privileged spot of
the caldera with fantastic views of the sea and the volcano. Imerovigli is the highest point of the
caldera. Skaros, the imposing rock in front of the village, was one of the five castles that were
built during the Middle Ages on the island. There are no ruins that can be seen by visitors today,
but seeing the view from the top of the rock is sensational. In Imerovigli you will also find many
suggestions for dining, drinking and shopping.

Rocabella Santorini is built in a unique location on the caldera of Imerovigli on a spot that
ensures privacy and tranquility. The comfortable hotel facilities and the modern, stylish rooms
and suites will make your stay in Rocabella Santorini an unforgettable experience.

Santorini Products
Plants grow the unique soil of Santorini that have distinctive flavours unable to be found
anywhere else. The most famous product of the island is its wine. Taste the exceptional Vinsanto,
a dessert wine made from the island’s special grape varieties. Also worth trying are Assyrtiko,
Athiri, Aidani and many other varieties.
Don’t miss the chance to try the one-of-its kind Santorini tomato with its small size and explosive
flavour. The unusual white eggplant is also very special as is, of course, the fava beans. The
Santorini fava belongs to a variety which has been grown on the island for 3,500 years.
Tip: You can enjoy local Santorini products, depending on the season, at the Rocabella Santorini

Things to do / Attractions / Sightseeing
On Santorini there are a number of villages and attractions to discover.
Among the main attractions of the island is the prehistoric settlement in Akrotiri. The excavation
revealed an organized state which developed in 1600 BC and was destroyed by the eruption of
the volcano. Today visitors can walk through the streets and squares of the city and only imagine
that lost civilization.
From Akrotiri you can climb to Ancient Thira. The city was built by the Spartan settlers on top of
Mesa Vouno. You can see well preserved pieces of the ancient agora, the theatre and other
public buildings. The sea view is absolutely stunning from this vantage point. During the Middle
Ages in Santorini, five fortified castles (called Kastelia) were developed in Emporio, Pyrgo,
Akrotiri, Imerovigli and Oia. The wealth and glamour of the 18th century are reflected in the
architecture of the captain houses in Oia and other villages of Santorini. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the monastery of Prophet Elias with its breathtaking views. There you’ll find the island’s oldest church, located in Episkopi Gonia.
Visit Fira, the capital of the island, with its many options for dining, drinking and shopping. Built
on the caldera cliff, Fira is the commercial center of the island. In Fira you will find the Museum of
Prehistoric Thera, hosting the findings of the archaeological site of Akrotiri and the
Archaeological Museum, with findings from Ancient Thira. In Fira you will discover a number of
private museums and places where you can learn all about the history of the island.
Oia is one of the most beautiful villages of Santorini and famous for its sunsets. The traditional
architecture of the captain mansions and the cave houses, its breathtaking views and evocative
atmosphere make Oia a truly iconic Santorini experience.
From the inland villages, Pyrgos with its Castelli and the medieval aura as well as Emporio host
the best-preserved castles of the island. Megalohori has a distinctive atmosphere, Akrotiri has
the archaeological site, where a stop at the top of the village is also worthwhile.